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Claudia's first footprint landed in a small town in Ohio, USA.  She spent her first 21 years there, and as a child born before the internet, her world view came filtered through the eyes of her family, her small community, her friends, and the literature she chose to lead her outside her own life.

Her second 21 years found her extending those physical boundaries while undertaking the notion of higher education at universities in Malibu and San Diego, CA.  She met and married the man of her dreams and together they had two children.  They lived in California, Nevada, Oregon, and on a sailboat.  While living on their sailboat they travelled internationally for over three years, homeschooling their children and attempting to raise them as global citizens. 

The third 21 years of her life, not yet completed, finds her family of four as proud citizens of New Zealand.  She believes her life experiences along the way have served to heighten her awareness of her footprint.  Consistent with her childhood, her world view still comes filtered through the eyes of her family, her world community, her friends and the literature she chooses to read and write to invite experiences without boundaries.

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