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A True Reflection

Today I looked in the mirror and had a staring contest.

The image staring back wasn't necessarily having a good hair day and wasn't likely to be declared fairest of them all either, but that wasn't what held my attention.

What captivated me was what the mirror was and wasn't able to reflect. The reflection of our soul isn't always as visible and that led me away from the mirror and outside for a fresh perspective. The calm weather invited me to take a seat on a rock next to a lake where I stared at its reflection for a while. As I was admiring nature's mirror image, I noticed the lake too reflected an image but the life of the lake was below the surface of the reflection.

Unlike mirror images that only have the capacity to reflect, humans have the ability to see deeper. Humans are not skin deep, and like looking only at the surface of the lake, or the image in a mirror, we miss so much life by ignoring what lies beneath the surface.

"Look in a mirror and one thing's sure; what we see is not who we are." — Richard Bach


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