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Today I fell off my bike.

I wasn't hurt and was on my way again after dusting off my pride and pants. Yet as I peddled along I couldn't help but think about balance. Coincidentally, I came across a cairn at the edge of the lake that continued to feed my thoughts about balance.

I had never tried to create a cairn, but after falling off my bike, I decided I might benefit from practicing some balance. I stopped at the water's edge and gave it a go. The process proved enlightening. It is undeniably an art but I also found it surprisingly therapeutic to try and create balance. My initial attempts created no masterpiece, but each little rock that I was able to balance felt like success and it was a sage reminder about life.

Balance in life, like the cairn, can appear precarious, but on any given day, taking or making the time for one or two tiny tasks of enjoyment or meaning, can contribute significantly to a sense of balance. And what begins as a simple step with a few rocks, or tasks, can grow to create a masterpiece of balance.

"Make each day your masterpiece." John Wooden


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