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Bare Naked Beauty

Today I thought about being naked.

I was walking along the lake with my husband on a chilly winter day, and though we were fully clothed, we came across a bare-naked tree. No part of the tree was adorned in leaves, blooms or fruit and instead it was fully exposing the details that documented its life story. I noticed where a branch had been broken off. I noticed how some branches grew straight and others curled back down to the ground. Each branch added to the unique beauty of the tree.

If the tree had been fully clothed in foliage it would have been harder to appreciate each detail that helped create its shape. I thought about how our bare bodies also help tell our life story, and like the tree protecting its roots underground, we too often protect our souls beneath the surface.

We, like the tree, can stand proud in the story our bare body tells as an introduction to our soul. And for those that love us and do not see our body as independent of our soul is the most beautiful naked in the world to me.

"Let's get soul-naked, stripping down to our raw selves; leaving pretense and inhibitions scattered like clothing on the floor." — John Mark Green


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