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Be Yourself

Today my daughter sent me a photo of her dog Mako taking a nap. I laughed and laughed, but the more I thought about it, the more I admired him.

He was the epitome of genuineness. If I was that 'genuine' in an airport terminal

or doctor's waiting room eyebrows would likely raise. Granted, there is a different social etiquette for people than dogs, but I still felt there was something in his canine comfort that seemed to be directly related to his happiness.

His comfort was unapologetic and completely accepting of himself, displaying an uninhibited and even enviable freedom. That got me thinking about our absolute power to be original, totally unique and true to whom we are.

In all of recorded history there's never been proof of a human duplicate. No matter whom we choose to be, where we choose to live or what we do in our lives, the world will in some way be altered by our unique presence. And similar to my daughter's dog today, being genuine and accepting of who we are seems to offer a very comfortable and happy way to live.

"You change the world by being yourself." Yoko Ono


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