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Doors of Opportunity

Today I found an unexpected door of opportunity.

While on a peaceful forest walk with my husband, I was concentrating on being present. Thoughts about unemployment from our recent relocation were trying to consume my thoughts but I resisted.

I walked along focusing on full body awareness, inhaling the scent of moist winter soil, treading lightly on the soft pine needles carpeting the forest floor, listening to bird chatter, and shivering as a gentle breeze tickled the back of my bare neck. Moments later however my

concentration broke when I noticed a little door at the base of a tree. I laughed out

loud at the beautiful randomness while willing a friendly elf to invite me in. I naturally had to knock, and with no response I attempted to open the door, but it was locked. I didn't get to enter a magical kingdom but the symbol did remind me I shouldn't always look in obvious places for doors of opportunity. It encouraged me to reconsider where I looked for employment. With the right attitude, doors of opportunity can be found anywhere because the real door of opportunity is in our mind and we alone can open it.

"There are things known and unknown and in between are the doors." — Jim Morrison


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