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Today I needed a mental getaway. My recent surgery to remove cancer left me feeling the need to find a safe place.

For me, a bath is my sanctuary, but I know not everyone enjoys a bath. What is important though, is to know how to escape to your own definition of a sanctuary when it is needed. It doesn't have to be expensive or involved. It can be simple and creative. As an early childhood teacher and parent, I've often observed children hiding in small and sometimes unusual spaces, or methodically placing items inside containers or created boundaries. In education, we refer to this behavior as examples of the 'enclosure schema', meaning learners are demonstrating an interest in and experimenting with ordering and organizing things and spaces. That was exactly my interest today as well; mentally organizing things in my life.

Anywhere we allow ourselves to take refuge, even if only for a few moments, can be a healing sanctuary. So why not take a moment to create your own personal sanctuary and allow yourself a few moments to experiment with organizing your inner peace.

"Sanctuary, on a personal level, is where we perform the job of taking care of our soul." Christopher Forrest McDowell


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