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Silver Lining

Today I listened to an eerie silence during another nationwide lockdown.

I sat inside contemplating the negative impact CoVid-19 was having on this blue dot in the universe we call home. Yet pride was present for our national team with a shared goal; temporarily forgo individual preferences for the benefit of the greater good. Our tiny nation might not change the world but we were attempting to be the change we wanted to see.

Later heading outside for my allotted hour of daily exercise, strolling along the lakeside, socially distancing while passing others, I was impressed by the eye contact and greetings that were exchanged because we held something in common; we were all in this together. None of us were escaping the changes our world was experiencing.

I marveled at how good can emerge from adversity if we are willing to keep searching for positive outcomes. Even if all else remains a tragedy in this pandemic, if any of us once again chooses to focus on what we have in common, instead of what divides us, it may be a small silver lining.

"In every dark cloud, there truly is a silver lining. To find the silver lining in your challenges, shift your perspective." Unknown


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