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Sweet Talk

Today I tasted my words.

Though typically a happy person, I woke feeling a bit off and opted for a walk before unsavoury words slipped from my mouth.

My scratchy mood and I were strolling along, sipping a cup of coffee and inhaling fragrant morning air when I noticed a honey bee sipping its morning nectar. It appeared busy and buoyant, so I took a seat and watched for inspiration. As it flew from flower to flower, I reflected on how the bee devotes its life to creating sweetness, nourishing to others, and if it gets defensive and uses its stinger it typically dies.

That thought offered a fresh perspective, and after a few cleansing breaths, I had given birth to a welcomed attitude adjustment. We too can create sweetness with our gift of communication. We can choose words and actions that nourish instead of sting. I walked home imagining a utopian world where we could only speak kindly and challenged myself to be mindful of the power of my words and to practice sweet talk nourishing to my relationships.

"Kind words are like honey--sweet to the soul and good for the body." Proverbs 16:24


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