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The Magic of Memories

Today I sat in the company of a fragrant cup of coffee and a new diagnosis of cancer. Beside me, a fire roared in the wood stove, shooing a chill from the room. As my coffee steamed and my computer cursor blinked, dawn outside blanketed snowy mountain peaks in lipstick pink.

With a long draw on my coffee I took flight in the sky on a feathery cloud and landed in Florida, in a rented beach house, surrounded by generations of family. It was dawn there too and oh-so wonderful as everyone crawled out of bed for another day of our reunion under one roof for a week. As the sun spilled pastels onto that liquid horizon, pancakes were sizzling, conversations were humming, games were being played, and sunscreen was slathered as water toys were inflated. Laughter was abundant and hugs were shared as cameras flashed and videos ran.

The reunion happened years ago, yet I am blessed with good fortune for now to retrieve my memories dependably. We are capable of choosing our memories and using their ability to transport us anytime, anywhere to a place we wish to return.

"Memories are timeless treasures of the heart." Unknown


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