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This Heart's For You

Today I thought about love.

My morning had started with newsfeed on the global impact of Covid19. I felt a need to process the pandemic the old-fashioned way, with my heart and head, and no internet connection required, so I headed outside.

I remembered a heart I had found made of seashells in the sand. There had been no one else around and I had no idea who made it, child or adult, local or tourist, but I had felt warmed by the gesture. It was such a simple display of kindness, likely to be washed away in the next incoming tide, yet this unexpected symbol of love had helped me feel connected to an anonymous human.

As I sat today creating a heart with stones beside the bike path, I was reminded that no matter what occurs in the world, we are still capable of choosing to share love, even in small and symbolic ways. That lifted my spirits with hope that the world too could choose to share love and kindness over fear as the emotion that connects us. It may not solve the pandemic, but if it is beneficial in any way to know another human cares; this heart's for you.

"No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart." Kapten & Son


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