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You Light Up My Life

Tonight I was hosting a party.

Unfortunately, it was a pity party. I was missing family and friends during the new normal of a world-wide pandemic, and similar to dusk concealing vibrant landforms into monoliths of darkness, loneliness cast a shadow across my heart.

Seeking solace I stepped outside in the waning light and saw a candle shimmering on the horizon. The glow had drawn others out too in a unifying moment of admiration for Mother Earth. We groupies of light had been drawn together for one of the greatest shows on earth; a sunset.

We didn't speak. We didn't touch. Yet we connected, in socially distanced awed silence. It was an impressionable experience that masked human differences in the dark and unveiled common ground in the light.

Sharing this positive experience with strangers felt uplifting. I walked away with gratitude for people that add a spark of light to life. Focusing on the light or darkness is our choice, and particularly during difficult times, it can be healing to bond with people, known or unknown, who help light up our life.

"No amount of darkness can hide a spark of light." Rumi


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